This   company   was   established   in   1994.   We   are   a   family   oriented   company   and   our goal   in   every   single   project   is   100%   satisfaction.         Our   company   has   over   30   years experience.   We   are   licensed   in   the   state   of   Florida   and   we   are   insured.      We   specialize in the following areas:  General Construction, Remodeling, New Additions, The House of Your Dreams Interior, Exterior Painting & Waterproofing ·       Residential, Commercial & Industrial   We   have   a   competent   crew   readily   available   for   any   job. At   this   time   we   are   looking   to expand   our   business   and   are   looking   to   work   with   a   professional   outfit   such   as yours.Please   feel   free   to   contact   me   directly   with   any   questions   or   to   set   up   an appointment   to   see   how   my   company   can   assist   yours.         When   it   comes   to   painting there is not a job too big or too small for us.
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Painting Project in Davie Fl.
New 3 bedroom home built in Belleview, Fl.
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FIRM QUALIFICATIONS                                     P   &   P   Paint   &   Metal   Frame   Inc.,   the   predecessor   of Perspective,   was   established   in   1994,   Florida   General   Contractor License   No   CGC   1504750.         For   15   years,   Perspective   3000   Inc. has   specialized   and   exceeded   customer   expectations   providing new   construction,   remodeling,   rehabilitation,   and   painting   services for   residential,   commercial   and   industrial   customers.      Perspective is    a    mid-    sized    minority    owned    contractor    with    gross    annual revenues   in   the   $   1   -$2   million   range   whose   main   specialties   over the    past    fifteen    years    are    home    remodeling    and    additions, waterproofing,      interior      drywall      and      windows      installation.              Perspective    is    a    certified    mold    abatement    contractor    and    is    a leader     in     green     building     and     energy     efficiency     standards.                 Appropriate     liability     coverage     can     be     provided     as     well.                 Perspective     has     a     proven     track     record     of     hiring     minority subcontractors    to    complete    assignments    in    all    trades    including roofing, electrical, and plumbing.                                           Perspective’s   experience   in   grant   fund   management   was rehabilitation    of    Boynton    Bay    apartments    in    Boynton    Beach.          Perspective   was   the   lead   contractor   .      This   project,   which   was completed   in   August   2007,   included   painting   the   exterior   of   over 18    buildings,    installing    cabinets,    replacing    tile    and    carpet,    and rebuilding damaged apartments in some cases.